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They say clothes make the man, and that’s true. But I think our clothes have way more to offer than how they’re cut, and a part of that equation is how we decorate them. I want to create a library of wearable queer art, created by artists in our community that are translated into various methods of clothes decorating. Think embroidery, denim patches, fabric painting, applique (when you stitch down fabric pieces to create designs), beadwork, bleaching and resist dyeing, and so on.

Here’s how it’d work:

1. I would pay you to create the art in the first place. If you came at me with an idea, that would be brilliant, but if you’re not sure how you want to approach it, you could also just link me to your portfolio and we could talk direction from there. You are not expected to translate your art into a useable project, so don’t worry about needing that expertise.

2. The embellishment pattern gets made, and is published online. I would determine a base price, and outside of a cut I would take for my operation costs, you- the artist- would get to take home the rest. I’m expecting payouts every quarter, but that can be negotiated.

I’m planning on featuring one design per month. It can be about anything; it doesn’t even need to be related to our community. I can send you a list of prompts, if you’re stuck, but the primary inspiration should be something that you would want to see on an article of clothing. If you have a medium in mind for the embellishment, even better. I’m also planning on incorporating these as a patreon perk, when I eventually have a patreon set up. But for now, I’m just looking to fill up the queue.

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