001 Pride Pillowcase: 2 Spirit Flag, Medicine Wheel

001 Pride Pillowcase: 2 Spirit Flag, Medicine Wheel


Parlour’s first pattern! This download includes the means to make one variation of the 2 Spirit flag, combining a six-stripe pride flag design with a medicine wheel applique in the centre.

This is an envelope pillowcase that shows your pride, based off of an array of LGBTQIA2S+ flags. Choose from an array of designs commonly used in our community and bring it up to speed with a mix-match of solids and prints. And if you like to keep your options open, flipping over the pillow is all it takes for a style update.

This pattern has been built with beginner sewists in mind, with an introduction to pattern modification on how to insert style lines. Of course, if this is all old hat to you, there’s an instruction summary if you want to skip the song and dance.

The pattern includes:
-Digital instructions, including cutting guides and recommended fabrics
-Print-at-home files, with two separate files for a 1.5cm (5/8”") seam allowance and a 1cm (3/8”) seam allowance.
-A copy shop file that prints on 36” wide paper, with both seam allowance variations.

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