Weekly update: Let's talk time management. (04/06/19)

Hey all! Welcome to my first blog post for realsies. I wouldn’t call myself chatty, but when it comes to Parlour (and all apparel, queer and gender-related things, honestly), I have a lot to say.

Just a picture of my faaaace. I got new glasses. Also, I have a trans flag shirt, and it matches my PILLOWCAAAASE~

Just a picture of my faaaace. I got new glasses. Also, I have a trans flag shirt, and it matches my PILLOWCAAAASE~

I want to give y’all an update into how things are going. I’m not the kind of person to keep things under a lid, and I want to do these weekly updates, because I love getting an inside peek into how other people do things- and also, I want to get to know all of you, too.

So! Let’s get started.


So the copy shop printouts are up! And the instructions are coming and so is the embellishment pattern- but I'm not sure yet when. The pillowcase pattern took me about 40 hours to complete start to finish, and while I can't imagine either of those taking that long, it's clear that they're going to take longer than a couple nights. I'm really really really hoping that nothing will take past the 15th to go up, but let's just call that a goal, not a deadline. Thank you all for being patient with me while I refine my work flow.

My workflow; adventures in neurodivergency

So I finished up the fashion show, and I was a sleep deprived blob. And then I immediately filled in my schedule with three consecutive deadlines: the 5th, the 7th, and the 10th. (The one on the 10th actually is done, ironically).



What? What?! Wha-- why??

I think I was riding the high from the fashion show and being able to pull it off. Either way, it’s clear what I’m doing isn’t working. Wanna read more about that?

Caption: a collection of pop culture icons face palming. Alternatively: all six of my brain cells.

Caption: a collection of pop culture icons face palming.
Alternatively: all six of my brain cells.

Let’s talk time management.

There’s been a buzz about sewing and accessibility lately, so this great timing. My grocery list of conditions includes, among other things: anxiety, depression, and ADHD. It’s a cocktail for having a complicated relationship with your work/school life, and I would bet money that there is at least one follower with this particular set up who is resonating hard with that. The anxiety and depression feed off the consequences and set-up of ADHD affected behaviours, but I’m just talking about ADHD here.

ADHD is a complicated condition that is both exhilerating and debilitating to live with. I have an eye for detail and an energy to create that cannot be satiated, but the things that cause that also cause something called “time blindness”. Time blindness refers to your ability to assess the passage of time in a tangible way- and for people with ADHD, it gets warped. Time blindness isn’t exclusive to people with ADHD; it’s a driving force behind procrastination (here’s an article that goes more into it).

What it boils down to is that people with ADD/ADHD are less able to track the passage of time, and find it more challenging to plan for future events. It falls under a category of things called “exective functions”, which in layman’s speak is, “skills that help you execute tasks”. Here’s what it can look like on the ground: showing up late to functions, staying up too late playing video games, opening your phone to look up a recipe for dinner and getting stuck there for 35 minutes and now you’re reading an article about sea scorpions? Which are a thing? And of course, setting, meeting and anticipating deadlines.

I’m trying out some stuff to see what works for me in keeping my life in order, and maybe I will report back if people wanna hear about it. But I just wanna cap this off by saying: if you’re in my shoes, I’m not sure what the answer is right now; I think it might be different for everyone. But know that you’re not lazy, or careless, or a poor worker. You will better yourself as you continue to live, but that won’t be overnight, and beating yourself up about it won’t make it happen any faster, so be gracious and patient with yourself as you grow. You’re shouldering a weight that most people don’t have.

The only deadline I'm holding myself hard to right now is June 1st for the binder. I need to get my proverbial house in order, and part of that involves me not piling every conceivable chore on myself and expecting they all be done in three hours.

Because if I don't, I'm setting up an environment where I'm always apologizing and trying to play catch up, and that's really not how I want to do this. But I’ll keep y’all posted!

Closing thoughts and prompts

I hope that this kind of dialogue is okay with you folks. If you follow me on Instagram, you already know that I'm not the kind of person to hold back the bigger picture- and frankly, I don't want to be. I don't think we as a culture see enough of what neurodivergence looks like as it functions day-to-day, and I don't want to obfuscate this process. So I hope that you're on board with me being this level of vulnerable, and thanks for reading.

For my neurodivergent/disabled sewists and makers: how do you balance your craft with your health needs? Has your process evolved as you've gotten older? What has been the biggest game changer in how you organize and execute your passion?

For anyone who’s got the wisdom: what’s the kingpin to keeping your proverbial house in order? What keeps you on task? How do you deal with distractions?

Let's get a conversation going!