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Hey! I’m Jason Way, a 25 year old trans-masculine fashion designer from Canada (pronouns: he/they). A graduate of Olds College’s Apparel Technologies program with a major in Costume Cutting and Construction, I founded Parlour to fill a void that exists not only in the online pattern market, but also in ready-to-wear clothing: garments that are tailored to queer bodies. I run a blog on this site, love cooking and baking, and run a little neurotic (but it’s 2019- who doesn’t?). One of my main goals in Parlour is to foster a community around sewing and creating as LGBTQIA2S+ people, as well as using this platform to lift up other queer artists and makers. Spread the love, so to speak.


Clothing patterns
Like it says on the tin, Parlour is making online PDF sewing patterns for gender nonconforming people. Parlour is still in soft launch status, so the only pattern available right now is a pillowcase pattern (you can find that HERE). But, be on the lookout on June 1st, 2019, when Parlour will be releasing its first garment pattern!

Embellishment patterns
I’m wanting Parlour to collaborate with fellow LGBTQIA2S+ artists in the pursuit of giving your apparel that extra pop. Embroider, paint, bead, applique and more- it’s gonna make your stuff, Your Stuff. Interested in collaborating with me? CLICK HERE to find out more!